TRG Workplace Investigations

TRG WORKPLACE INVESTIGATIONS is a division of The Rose Group, APLC. TRG WORKPLACE INVESTIGATIONS conducts thorough and unbiased internal workplace investigations for private, public and non-profit employers of all sizes, in any location in California or elsewhere in the United States.


TRG WORKPLACE INVESTIGATIONS performs investigations for corporations and other private businesses, as well as for public sector entities and non-profits. We are routinely hired by employers directly, or as the result of referrals from their go-to employment litigation defense firms (who do not conduct investigations for their clients to avoid disqualification from defending any related litigation).

Our investigations allow employers to make informed decisions which may reduce the likelihood of litigation, and could significantly limit an employer’s liability for the underlying conduct.

Employers who retain our independent investigators eliminate the appearance of impropriety and minimize the likelihood for accusations of a pre-determined outcome being made by the complainant or subjects of the investigation. We structure our investigations to avoid actual conflicts of interest, minimize perceived conflicts of interest, and preserve attorney-client and work product privileges. TRG Workplace Investigations is able to conduct investigations in both English and Spanish.


  • EEO COMPLAINTS: TRG WORKPLACE INVESTIGATIONS will investigate whether unlawful discrimination, harassment, or retaliation has occurred.
  • EMPLOYEE MISCONDUCT: TRG WORKPLACE INVESTIGATIONS will investigate whether there is a reasonable, good faith, and honest basis, to believe that misconduct occurred and that “just cause” or “good cause” exists for taking adverse employment actions.
  • WHISTLEBLOWER AND SARBANES-OXLEY COMPLAINTS: TRG WORKPLACE INVESTIGATIONS will investigate complaints by internal whistleblowers who report alleged illegal activity occurred within their company.
  • UNETHICAL CONDUCT: TRG WORKPLACE INVESTIGATIONS will investigate whether employees have engaged in alleged or suspected unlawful and/or unethical conduct for which the employer or management officials can be held responsible.
  • WAGE LAW COMPLIANCE AND COMPLAINTS: TRG WORKPLACE INVESTIGATIONS will investigate claims that an employer has violated California and federal wage and hour laws including claims for overtime, for failure to provide mandated meal and rest breaks, and charges of employees being misclassified as independent contractors.


TRAINING: TRG Workplace Investigations offers training for in-house counsel, managers, and human resources professionals on all aspects of workplace investigations.

EXPERT WITNESS TESTIMONY: Our investigators are available for retention as expert witnesses to testify about employers’ responsibilities to investigate employee complaints and the integrity of investigations conducted.


Ken RoseKen Rose
Robert RoseRobert Rose

The principals of TRG Workplace Investigations are employment law specialists Ken Rose and Robert Rose. Ken and Robert undertake high-level sensitive investigations that are best handled by independent seasoned employment lawyers.

Ken and Robert’s legal training, interpersonal and interview skills, temperament, extensive employment law knowledge, and experience litigating employment lawsuits, provide the framework for investigations that are impartial, objective, thorough and prompt. Ken and Robert are experienced investigators who understand the issues and employment laws, and they can obtain the facts objectively without the emotional involvement. Ken and Robert gather and analyze detailed facts through interviews and document review and provide sound, reasoned conclusions. In the end, Ken and Robert provide the employers’ decision-makers with information critical to make the hard decisions.

Ken and Robert are available to testify at depositions and trial about our investigations.

Recent Workplace Investigations Conducted by TRG Workplace Investigations

Investigated several complaints (some anonymous) alleging sexual relationships between supervisors and subordinates, resulting favoritism and hostile work environment, corporate ethics violations, financial improprieties, and self-dealing.

Investigated complaint against general manager alleging harassment//hostile work environment based on age, retaliation for making prior complaint and financial improprieties.

Investigated complaint against sales manager and co-workers alleging sex discrimination, sex harassment/hostile work environment, and financial improprieties.

Investigated complaint alleging reverse sex discrimination, sexual harassment/hostile work environment, retaliation for prior complaints, and improper withholding of wages.

Investigated complaint against Executive Director of non-profit alleging national origin discrimination and harassment, retaliation, defamation, and interference with efforts to find new job.

Investigated complaint alleging racial discrimination and denial of earned commission compensation.

Investigated complaint alleging retaliation for supporting co-worker’s complaint made to corporate headquarters regarding local general manager, and hostile work environment.

Investigated complaint alleging managing director discriminated against female professional staff by denigrating their performance and restricting advancement while favoring male professionals.

Investigated complaint alleging unethical business practices by sales department and retaliation against complainant for opposition to practices.

Investigated complaint that new general manager discriminated against line managers who are Asian.

Investigated complaint alleging same-sex sexual harassment and retaliation.

Investigated complaint alleging religious discrimination and proselytizing.

Investigated complaint alleging racial discrimination by job applicant who was not hired.

Investigated complaint against general manager alleging workplace bullying and retaliation.

Investigated complaint alleging age discrimination.

Investigated complaint alleging that facility general manager engaged in favoritism and used employees to perform personal services for him.

Investigated allegations of employee theft of company’s product.

Investigated allegations of religious discrimination.

Investigated allegations of national origin discrimination and favoritism.

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