ADR Services: Mediation and Arbitration

Ken Rose acts as mediator or arbitrator in resolving employment law disputes between parties with whom The Rose Group has no client relationship. Ken draws upon the knowledge and understanding of the employment law and employment litigation he developed over his 30+ years as an employment lawyer. Ken’s knowledge and experience in employment law and related litigation is vital to the evaluation of strengths and weaknesses of the parties’ positions in employment disputes.

Ken’s vast experience makes him an excellent choice to provide credible and effective neutral mediation of all types of employment disputes, including pre and post-termination matters. Because of Ken’s experience, he is able to provide frank and honest assessments of issues and chances for success in litigation.

As an employment arbitrator, Mr. Rose handles cases involving the full range of statutory and contract employment law disputes involving wrongful termination, discrimination, individual employment contract claims made by corporate executives and other upper level managers, claimed breaches of non-compete/non-solicitation and confidentiality/ trade secret agreements.

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