The Rose Group provides employment law training in the following areas:

Sexual Harassment Training

California law mandates that employers with 50 or more employees “shall provide at least two hours of classroom or other effective interactive training and education regarding sexual harassment to all supervisory employees.” AB 1825 (California Government Code section 12950.1). Supervisors must be retrained every two years. Our sexual harassment prevention training for supervises discusses the legal definition of sexual harassment, explains what specifically constitutes a complaint of harassment and provides insight for recognizing, responding to and resolving of sexual harassment complaints.

California and Federal Medical and Family Leave Laws

Our training teaches HR personnel and managers to understand, analyze and administer for their company the myriad of intersecting federal and California laws, and employer personnel policies that provide employees the right to take leave for medical reasons. Those laws include the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the California Family Rights Act (CFRA), the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the California Fair Employment & Housing Act (FEHA), the California Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA), and the California Workers’ Compensation Act. Specific topics covered may include how each kind of legal leave focuses on a different element of the disability process, the duty of reasonable accommodation, managing and disciplining employees during and after leave and return from leave issues.

Personnel Law for Supervisors and HR Managers

Employers reduce their risk of being sued when supervisors are trained how to manage employees both effectively and lawfully. We provide training both for management and human resource professionals in the areas of including hiring, terminations, discrimination, harassment, wage and hour issues and disability accommodation.

Wage & Hour Laws

Our training provides a practical understanding of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act and the California wage and hour laws. The training will help managers and HR personnel to better determine their company’s legal and payroll responsibilities, avoid wage and hour violations that result in steep penalties, and avoid costly litigation. Among the topics our training can cover is the importance of classifying employees correctly as exempt or non-exempt, the mandatory recordkeeping compliance laws, when rest breaks and meal periods must occur under California law and the penalties suffered for violations, legally allowable deductions from wages, and, alternative workweek agreements as an exception to California’s daily overtime law.

Workplace Investigations Training

TRG Workplace Investigations offers training for in-house counsel, managers, and human resources professionals on all aspects of workplace investigations.